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Terms of Services


These Terms and Conditions are valid for language translation services between us (BOSLang - Bosnian Translation Services) as a Contractor, and you as a Client-Customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Client will accept the General Terms and Conditions when placing an order and the same will apply during the whole business relationship.

Any other General Terms and Conditions will bind us only if we agree so in written.

Our Services

All translation work will be done thoroughly and as quickly as possible. All the information and documents necessary for translation to be done, are to be provided to us without being asked for and in time.

The Contractor reserves the right to check back with the client for any unclear issue or, if necessary, to request additional explanations.


All texts and documents will be treated as confidential and will not be made available to any third parties unless we are instructed so. We are bind to treat all your projects, trade deals, documents, know-how or any other information as a confidential with exception of the information, which are already well known to the public.


All orders, as well as the documents to be translated, are to be submitted to us only over the Internet (an e-mail with attachments). The Contractor will confirm receipt of an order or the documents by e-mail, which is to be considered as an order acceptance.

CET (Central European Time) applies to every contract.


Translation work is to be delivered over the Internet as an e-mail with attachment. We use only Microsoft Word as a word processor. Delivery time is to be confirmed by the Contractor in writing. Deadlines are binding only if confirmed in writing by the Contractor.

If, for unforeseen reasons, the accepted order cannot be carried out within the time agreed, the Client will be immediately informed about delay. Client is due to confirm the receipt of the translation work.


Translation Service will be charged in accordance with our price list in effect, unless otherwise agreed in writing. A minimum fee applies. A deposit can be required with large translation projects.

The price list does not include formatting of documents or DTP work. If requested, document formatting shall be charged additionally. Requests for rush translation and delivery are subject of additional charges.

Should a contract be canceled, the Client will be charged for already translated materials.

Payment Terms

Usually, we require payment within 30 following days as of invoice date. Other payment terms are subject of special agreement. We accept checks for small bills (less then /US$ 250).

Other Provisions

Any copyright accruing to us while doing a translation will remain our property unless explicitly transferred to the Customer.

Any initial or subsequent invalidity of one or more provisions of these Standard Terms and Conditions will not affect validity of the other provisions.

Customer will be notified about any amendment to the General Terms and Conditions in writing. Any of amendments will be considered as accepted, unless rejected by the Client in writing within two weeks of their notification.

These General Terms and Conditions are considered as accepted by the Customer when placing an order.

Zavidovici, December 1999.



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