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Bosnian Translation, Editing & Proofreading Services


English into Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Serbo-Croatian languages




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Our translation rates vary with respect to the style, level of difficulty, field of specialization and requested delivery date. All rates are negotiable!

The rates are based on the number of words of a source document, as counted by MS Word processor.

Rush translation charge is higher (25%-100%) and depends on time required for specific assignment.

There is a minimum rate for projects counting less than 300 words.

If any translation quality problems arise, they will be corrected free of charge, if reported within 30 days of submission of translated documents.

A sample of one paragraph can be translated free of charge for quality assurance purposes (for large texts only).


Please provide brief description of your project and we will send you our free estimate (normally within 24 hours).

For extras and custom work not listed, the price will be adjusted according to your needs.

There is a 1.5% penalty charge a month should your payment not be made on time.

The rates are in Euro/US$ per word of source language. Usual payment is in Euro or US$, within 30 following days as of invoice date.


A few comments:

When choosing a translation-service provider, it is logical to select the one that offers lowest translation rate. Low-rate offers are not always the most cost-effective approach in considering not only the task, but also the entire project that you are trying to manage.  Recent dramatic growth of Internet businesses launched numerous industry providers with price structure, competencies and translation qualities that vary dramatically.

Before making your final choice of provider you will entrust your documents, consider these points also:

  • The lowest bidder is not necessarily the most competent choice.

  • Quality of your translated documents should match the quality of your products and/or services.

  • A native speaker of the target language with relevant experience should translate your documents.

  • Your documents should be completed on time to meet your own deadlines.


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